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Cuvie vapes - the new trend

Cuvie dispensable units are hard to call a new innovation, yet HQD experts have unquestionably carried this disposable vape to another level. A 280-mAh battery and 12 flavours are not by any means the only quirks of CUVIE Disposable Pod.

HQD is the industry leader of dispensable vapes on the planet. The organization was established in 2015. Their factories are based in Shenzhen. Their primary products are vaping starter packs, pods, and dispensable vapes. The cuvie vape established what we now know as the disposable vaporizer market and caught the attention and a large Aussie following.

These smaller vape gadgets are shut dispensable unit gadgets. By their appearance and sizes, they take after a normal lighter, come in rankle packs of three. The bundle determines the flavour, fixings, nicotine focus, and has a unique sticker from the maker that validates its authenticity.

Contingent upon flavour, the colour of the vapes differ. Cuvie comes in small ergonomic sizes that fit well in your pocket. Simultaneously, the vape doesn't need additional support or frill. The gadget is brilliant, smooth, has an opening for vaping on top and a diode on the base, which illuminates during vaping.

One of the essential points of interest of HQD CUVIE Disposable Pod over other straightforward vape devices are the assortment of flavours. HQD offers 12 flavours, the vast majority of which are fruity flavours (pineapple, orange, grapes, organic product combination, strawberry). The line additionally incorporates kinds of tobacco, menthol, and hazelnut.

Small size, portable, cool design are the unmistakable highlights of these gadgets. You don't need to charge, change the case, or press any buttons. You can unload HQD CUVIE and begin vaping straight away, and afterward discard it in the appropriate disposal bin.

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